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New site? Old Site? Let us help answer your Hosting and Domain questions!

When you don't know where to turn with your questions about domain names and hosting choices, Sloan Tech has got you covered. Whether you are picking a new domain or deciding what kind of web hosting is right for you, getting trusted advice form an expert can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Common Domain Questions We Get

  • What makes a good domain name?
  • Where should I buy a domain from?
  • What is a good price for a domain?
  • How do I transfer or sell a domain name?

Common Web Hosting Questions We Get

  • What web host is best for my site?
  • Which web hosting is best for a shopping cart?
  • How do I point my domain to my web host?
  • How do I get my hosting company to help?
  • What happens if I change web hosts?

So what are YOU waiting for? Request a quote! We know when you succeed, we succeed. Think of us as a partner in your website's success.

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