For more than a decade, Sloan Tech Internet Marketing has provided advice, online marketing consultations, mentoring, coaching and hands-on services to many types of companies from very small to very large. This is just a very SMALL overview of the websites and companies we have helped!

Discount Tire (Scottsdale, AZ)
Discount Tire
Handled Pay Per Click, banner, Comparison Shopping Engines and Internet Yellow Page campaigns.

Dallas and Co. (Champaign, IL)
Dallas & Co. – Theatrical Supplies and Party Goods
A ‘pre-chain store’ party goods, magic and theatrical supply company. While no longer engaged in ecommerce, we helped provide the first (now gone) variation of their website back in 1994. (Urbana, IL)
Faxswitch – Telecommunications Devices
A provider of unique telecommunications products designed to eliminate extra phone and fax lines for small businesses. Sloan Tech provided SEO, PR and PPC advertising counseling, helping this company grow from a small start-up to a hundreds of thousands in annual sales, all via internet marketing.

University of Advancing Technology (Tempe, AZ)
UAT – Private Technology College
A private university offering technology based college degrees, Joshua Sloan helped to create and oversee the online PPC marketing, link visibility and “buzz” campaigning as well as analyzing web traffic statistics to leverage SEO opportunities.

Pima Medical Institute (Mesa, AZ)
Pima Medical – Training and Certification
PMI is a premier medical career training school with locations across the U.S. Sloan Tech was able to implement and manage their initial online marketing through paid search campaigns, online press release distribution and I provided important consultations regard the search engine optimization of their website.

DCHelms, Inc (Phillipsburg, NJ)
DC Helms – Web Design
DC Helms is a boutique web design and marketing company with clients in a variety of B2C and B2B industries. Sloan Tech services to DC Helms include SEO/SEM and Social Media training of their on-site personnel, setup and management of pay per click campaigns for key accounts.

1&1 Internet, Inc. (Chesterbrook, PA)
1&1 Internet -Web Hosting and Domains
A leader in the web hosting and domain name industry! Joshua Sloan oversaw online media planning, media buying and ROAS/ROI tracking for the entire U.S. market. In a very competitive industry, Joshua was able to build a team that grew 1&1’s hosting and domain. Starting from almost nothing, online marketing sales grew to greater than 40% in just 4 years – bring in millions in reoccurring subscription based revenue and helping 1&1 to beat even Yahoo! in web hosting service rankings.

Bitkat Elyon, LLC (New York, NY)
Birkat Elyon – Fine Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
These days, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. However, truly fine high quality Cubic Zirconias are! Birkat Elyon carries only the best classic and custom designed CZ rings, earrings, necklace, pendants, bracelets and brooches in 14K or 18K gold or platinum. Birkat Elyon engaged us for SEO, PPC and CPA marketing management as well and other business and website initiatives.

Automotive Dealership Institute (Scottsdale, AZ)
ADI – Automotive F&I and Service Adviser Training and Certification
The leading provider of specialized automotive management certifications and degrees courses, ADI is unique in the auto industry. Sloan Tech provides SEO, PPC and marketing coaching services to their staff.

Zero One Entertainment (Philadelphia, PA)
Video Marketing Services
A digital video SEO marketing consulting firm with video editing, optimization and distribution services, Sloan Tech has provided internet marketing training, and coaching to. Sloan Tech was also involved with SEO and site conversion optimization for Zero One Entertainment.

Smith’s Armory
Berks County, PA FFL and Firearm Gunsmith
Providing required Federal Firearms Licenses and custom gunsmithing for hunters, collectors and other firearms owners. We provided website development and web hosting service.

Citizens Assisting Citizens (Arkansas)
CAC Emergency Volunteers
CAC needed initial web development assistance to launch version 1 of their site. Dedicated to the ideal of neighbors helping neighbors, we were happy to get involved with this non-profit organization. We will continue to provide website support and online marketing consultation as needed.

Fat Ash Soap, LLC
Handmade Old-Fashioned Lye Soap
Fat Ash Soaps produces soaps made the old-fashioned way. They use all natural ingredients and even render their own lard and tallow from local humanely raised cows and pigs. Fat Ash Soap ask Sloan Tech to provide complete eCommerce website development and hosting, social media set-up and ongoing online marketing.

Frontier Tactical
Innovative AR15 Kits
Frontier Tactical is the manufacturer of the world’s best AR15 interchangeable barrel assembly kit. Sloan Tech was contracted to provide complete eCommerce web development, and social media consulting.

911 Plumbing and Heating
Plumbing and Heating Service in Great Falls, MT
A local plumbing business with years of experienced need a website. Sloan Tech was contracted for web development and hosting as well as local SEO and ongoing social media advice.

In addition to these companies, we have been a consultant/teacher/mentor for dozens of small local and regional business and personal websites, too numerous to list, and several mega corps with NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). We have even helped with overflow work from busy agencies. However, you do not have to be a large company to benefit from our years in the internet marketing industry. Hundreds of students and private coaching clients have learned from us as well. We have an entrepreneurial heart and can help new online businesses or established online brands. We can short cut your learning curve and put you and your website back on course for even greater levels of success!

Just Contact US to find out how we can help YOU with your internet marketing or web development!