SEER’s Ultimate 2014 PPC Wish List

SEER’s Ultimate 2014 PPC Wish List

January 3rd, 2014 // 3:15 pm @

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While we certainly don’t hope for another radical change from 2014, like 2013′s Enhanced campaign migration, the SEER team has shared their PPC wishes for the new year. From updates to Google and Bing to social platforms, we have compiled SEER’s wish list of what we are looking for from PPC in 2014. Once you are done reading through our team’s PPC wishes for the upcoming year, feel free to share your PPC wish(es) in the comments below! source I wish for better self-serve social ad interfaces. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn can represent huge opportunities for just about any advertiser but are extremely cumbersome to work in. They’re making it hard for little guys!

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SEER’s Ultimate 2014 PPC Wish List

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