Mastering PPC: Five Ways To Lower Your CPC’s

Mastering PPC: Five Ways To Lower Your CPC’s

December 27th, 2013 // 4:07 am @

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Most of us like paying less and getting more. Source – Here are five ways you can lower your average CPC’s, in prior order from your least to the best options. 5: Lower your bids. It couldn’t be simpler.  Bid less, pay less.  However, actual/average CPC can often be less than your bids, because you only pay the ad rank necessary to show ahead of the person below you. In this situation, all advertisers would have to cut their bids substantially (at least 15%) to see any decline in actual CPC’s.  In addition, advertisers A, B and C would see their positions fall.  With lower positions comes a lower CTR, fewer clicks and fewer conversions.

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Mastering PPC: Five Ways To Lower Your CPC’s

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